Education is one of the most important aspects of one life which plays an extremely crucial role in shaping a person future. In the recent times, several students across the country have showed an inclination towards studying abroad, both for graduate and post-graduate courses. If you are a student who wishes to study outside India and your plan is to go to United Kingdom, you must read this news article. Rishi Sunak, the Prime Minister of United Kingdom (UK) has announced certain visa restrictions and immigration changes for students planning to study in the country. Read more to know all about them.

UK Radical Action To Curb Immigration Rate 

As mentioned earlier, the UK Government is taking stern measures with respect to international students who come to the country for higher education. UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on Monday announced a series of new steps to crack down on soaring immigration in the country. Sunak described the new measures as the government radical action to bring down the immigration rate, adding the steps would ensure that immigration benefits the UK. Taking to X, PM Sunak said, Immigration is too high. Today we are taking radical action to bring it down. These steps will make sure that immigration always benefits the UK.

Visa Restrictions For International Students In United Kingdom

As part of the new measures, the government would curb international students from bringing their families to UK unless they are pursuing postgraduate research degrees and hiking the minimum salary that skilled foreign workers will need to earn if they want a visa to work in the country. He posted, IMMIGRATION ACTION, BANNING overseas students from bringing their families to the UK, unless they are on postgraduate research degrees, STOPPING immigration undercutting British workers, SCRAPPING the 20% going rate salary discounts offered for shortage occupations.

Immigration Rate In UK

Net migration to Britain reached record levels last year, official figures showed, putting pressure on the UK government that has made the issue a political touchstone, CNN reported in May. Britain saw a net migration of 606,000 people in 2022, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said, with 1.2 million people arriving in the country and about half that number leaving. CNN reported that despite pledges from successive Conservative governments to drastically reduce the numbers of people moving to the UK, particularly in the wake of Brexit – a rupture that was touted by its proponents as a necessary step for Britain to take control of its borders. The vast majority of people arriving – 925,000 – were non-EU nationals, and around one in 12 of those were asylum seekers, included for the first time in the ONS annual release. Last year, Indian nationals were issued the largest number of UK study, work and visitor visas, according to UK Immigration Statistics.

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