• 09-09
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Big News - France AIMS to wlcome 30,000 Indian Students

France has announced plans to welcome 30,000 Indian student by 2030. This is part of a ...

  • 25-07
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Study in UK - changes Rishi Sunak government is making and how they will impact Indians

Study in UK: What changes?

Fee reduction

Reduction in the ...

  • 25-07
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Which COUNTRY should you choose?

Immigration policies change every year, and countries compete to provide attractive educational o...

  • 22-07
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Why??? counsellors before planning to study abroad?

Overseas education counsellors can be of help in arranging education loans, accommodation, and h...

  • 20-07
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UK visa to become dearer, here how much Indian have to …

The hike may reportedly be around 15 per cent to 20 per cent although no official confirmation ha...

  • 07-07
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Canada SDS does not require 6.0 bands in individual sections

IRCC announced new changes to the IELTS requirement for Canada SDS.

As per the new chan...

  • 29-06
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Factors that Indian Consider for Abroad Study

Students can make the best investment in their future by studying abroad. In addition to gaining ...

  • 20-06
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Good News About Canada Immigration

Canada has announced new immigration measures to reunite loved ones, to help families find suppor...

  • 16-06
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Rajiv gandhi scholarship for academic excellence

The State Government of Rajasthan has launched the Rajiv Gandhi Scholarship for Acad...

  • 31-05
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700 India student were victims of fraud, Canada wants to give them a second chance

Canada will give Indian students who have been victims of fraud a chance to support their ca...

  • 25-05
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Australia universities ban Indian students from six states

Australia is good for Indian students because of its language, scenic beaut...

  • 26-05
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Foreign Students Lose Right to Bring Family to UK

International students looking to study in the United Kingdom from next year will no longer be ab...

  • 17-03
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Canada to Deport 700 Indian Student

Education Fraud: Canadian Govt to deport 700 Indian students with fake visa documents


  • 10-03
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BIG STEP - Australia, India to set rules for mutually recognizing qualifications

Australia is set to ink an education deal with India which will pave the way for institutional pa...

  • 16-02
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UK Student VISA Rejection Reasons

A lot of times, students who wish to study abroad are unable to make their dream come true as the...

  • 30-01
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Shocking.....Only 3% of UK employers using Graduate Route

New research by the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) has revealed a lack of understanding...

  • 02-01
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Cost of Living in UK


Going for an overseas study and gaining knowledge at a global...

  • 01-12
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CANADA - 1.3 Million immigrants next three year -2022

Canada to admit 1.3 million immigrants to help with healthcare and more...<...

  • 28-11
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Good News...IELTS Is Coming With One Skill Retake In March 2023

Yes, y...

  • 26-11
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UK Visa Interview

The credibility interview, also known as the visa interview is an important interview, which...

  • 25-11
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Pre-CAS Interview

You have to face Pre Cas interview throughout the journey of study in the UK. The&...

  • 17-11
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G-20 Summit 2022, 3K Indians to be Granted Visas

According to a statement issued by the UK Prime Minister Office, India is the first visa-nat...

  • 21-11
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Russell Group of Universities

The Russell Group of Universities is a cluster of 24 leading universities from the United Kingdom...

  • 20-11
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MBA v/s MS … Difference

Students who aspire to a postgraduate education abroad often face a dilemma about pursuing an MBA...

  • 15-11
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Study in UK without IELTS

For international students, the United Kingdom has reappeared on the map to study abroad with two...

  • 07-11
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PSW - Post Study Work

Yes, you have read right in the above section. A post-study work visa is back in the UK now. ...

  • 13-11
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Why Student choose UK universities for further studies

The United Kingdom (UK) is made up of Britain, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland with English...