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About H&H Global Education

H&H Global Education

H&H Global Education is an Education Consultancy firm based in London, The UK. We provide information to the perspective students regarding their aspired courses. We also promote Institutes and their courses to the perspective students. Our dedicated associates are always there for helping the students as well as our partners, should they have any questions or concerns. We visit institute premises and understand their study facilities available for the students before selecting our partners. Once we are confident about the institutes, we recruit students for the institutes, promote them in various way including advertising in local newspapers, email marketing, social media marketing and so on.

H&H Global Education Ltd maintain the highest level of integrity, transparency and fair practices with the students as well as with our partner institutes. Our team members are well qualified and selected from diverse background with relevant expertise. Our team has professional skills, expertise and industry experiences in respect of assessing, selecting and recruiting students for admission deploying their highest professionalism.

Our History

H&H Global Education is a UK based company, which has been serving since 2017 and has assisted more than 1000 students till now. Our collaboration is with more than 150 universities in UK. Some members of our team have also done their studies from UK universities.


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Our Mission

  • To match the student’s abilities, performance, and desires with the best possible career options.
  • To provide customized solutions to the students aspiring to study overseas.
  • Strive for the organic growth of our organization through integrity, honesty, and excellence.
  • To build a strong and credible relationship with the partner institutions by recognizing shared values & goals


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Our Vision

To be the market leader in providing one-stop study abroad solutions for the students and help them achieve their goals through proper career counseling & guidance, to add value for our partner institutions.

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