You have to face Pre Cas interview throughout the journey of study in the UK. The interview you need to face is called the Pre CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) Interview, which is taken by the admission authority of the university. It is essential to pass the pre cas interview successfully to get admission to a college or university in the UK.

In this guide, we have covered the  pre cas interview possible questions and answers and you will get here enough ideas to prepare for your interview.

Interview for Admission in the UK Universities and Colleges

Here is the essential information of the interview for admission below.

What is a Pre Cas Interview?

To study in the UK, students need to apply for CAS (Confirmation for Acceptance of Studies) for admission. Thus, they have to sit for an interview to qualify for CAS, and this interview is known as Pre CAS Interview. The admission department of the university conducts this interview electronically. Usually, it will take around 30 minutes.

Sample Questions and Answers for a Pre Cas Interview

Why do you choose to study in the UK?
Offering high-quality education at world-class universities, the UK is one of the most preferred study destinations among international students around the world. Thanks to the vibrant and multi-cultural society, the UK is international students friendly destination. Apart from that, UK degrees are renowned around the world. This is just a sample answer. You can prepare an impressive one by yourself.

Why did you choose this university and course?
Tell the interviewer clearly and concisely why you have chosen that university and course. Do some research on the university and course before sitting for the interview.

Do you intend to work in the UK? 
I know the rules that an international student can work 20 hours per week only. Actually, I will mostly focus on my studies. If I get some extra time besides my studies, then I can work, maintaining the rules.

What is your current occupation?
Tell the truth about your profession. If you do not do anything, then simply tell them that you are a student only.

How do your studies fit into your career plans?
If you have any specific career plans, explain them in a sort, and specify how your studies will help you to reach the career goal.

Tips on How to Pass Pre Cas Interview

  • Keep yourself confident throughout the interview.
  • Provide precise, accurate, and honest answers.
  • Answer fluently with proper English.
  • If you dont understand any question, ask the interviewer politely to repeat the question. For example, you can say  Sorry, I could not hear you. Would you mind repeating the question, please?
  • Support your answers with proper facts and figures.
  • Let the interviewer understand that you have done enough research on the university, course, and the entire process of the study in the UK.

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