Studying abroad can be a life changing experience for Indian students, offering exposure to new cultures, educational systems, and career opportunities.

Here are 5 popular courses that Indian students ofter pursue abroad - 

1. Engineering and Computer Science 

These field are in high demand worldwide, with a wide range of specialisation such as mechanical engineering, civil engineering, computer science, artificial intelligence and more.

2. Business and Management

Business administration, MBA programmes, and management courses are popular choices for those aiming to enter the corporate world.

3. Medicine and Healthcare

Medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing and public health programmes are sought after, with opportunities for internships and research.

4. Data science and Analytics

With the increasing importance of data - driven decision-making, courses in data science, big data analytics and machine learning are in demand.

5. Hospitality and Tourism

Courses in hospitality management, tourism, hotel administration are great for those passionate about the hospitality industry.

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