The United Kingdom (UK) is made up of Britain, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland with English being the common language of business. The UK is home to world-class teaching and a very high level of education spanning decades, with more than 500,000 students on a yearly basis enrolling in courses of higher education at various universities from various countries of the globe. Apart from the USA, the UK remains a powerful destination for academic research and advanced technology with some of the best top-ranking universities consistently nurturing and moulding some of the best performing employees in every industry or category one could think of. 

Top Benefits of Studying in the UK

Reasons to study in the UK

  1. The application process is easy and straight to the point
  2. The UK has a culture that embraces every race
  3. The UK is renowned for its innovative, creative and progressive teaching methodologies
  4. The UK is good value for money if you are after quality
  5. The UK is a wonderful place to visit
  6. Get your English perfected in the home of the English language
  7. The UK is the centre of academic excellence in the world at large
  8. You do not need family members to study in the UK
  9. UK graduates are some of the best and most vibrant graduates with global recognition
  10. Student placements to gain work experience are invaluable
  11. It is more affordable to study in the UK than in many developed countries
  12. The UK is the center of the most specialist courses one could imagine
  13. The UK is the centre of world-class academics
  14. Students in the UK will receive extra support if need be
  15. The UK has 4 of the top-ranking universities in the world
  16. UK students are given the opportunity to develop and enhance their talents and achieve a top-quality education within a diverse and collaborative setting.
  17. UK students will be able to create an impact in any industry they work with as soon as they return to their home country
  18. Remain in the UK for two years after your studies and find work in any industry (New rule)

Graduates with UK university qualifications the world at large enjoy and command respect from every employer in the world based on quality, best practice, innovative approaches, and methods of tutoring backed by the end product.

It is not only about education. The UK has one of the best health systems in the world with some of the best world renowned consultants and specialists covering every sector or area of the body. Travelling alone and getting to meet and make new friends from a diversified class of cultures is something thousands of students from around the world have considered and enjoyed. 

When you compare the living costs in the UK against other European and western countries as a student, I will caution you to consider the fact that UK courses are shorter at Undergraduate and Master courses than the rest of the western countries including the USA the cost of accommodation and living expenses are greatly reduced while in the UK.

Perhaps, the opportunity to choose from over 50,000 courses covering more than 25 specific subject areas with the highest academic world standing is another factor, I have to tell you that UK courses are shorter as compared to other competing countries which translates to a reduction in accommodation and tuition costs respectively. UK students are generally allowed to work 20hrs a week while studying. I think this is a powerful and unique selling point for any person who wants to come to study and earn a degree from a UK university. 

UK universities have mastery in helping you shape your future, develop academically sound knowledge, skills, and the link between you and employment. One other advantage of studying in a UK university at a master’s or Ph.D. level is that some Universities provide sponsorship to extend Tier 4 visas where thousands of employers are also looking to provide you with employment. Working to gain work experience in the UK is also invaluable for those who do not like the idea of residing and working in the UK.

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