Students who are aspiring to pursue Commerce subjects such as Accounting and Finance from a foreign university can refer to the list of top ranking Finance and Accounting universities as per the World University ranking 2024.

The listing is based on the new WUR 3.0 methodology, which includes 18 carefully calibrated performance indicators that measure an institution performance across five areas - teaching, research environment, research quality, industry and international outlook.

The top universities for Accounting and Finance across the world include:

1. University of Oxford

2. Standford University

3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

4. Harvard University

5. University of Cambridge

6. Yale University

7. ETH Zurich

8. Tsinghua University

9. The University of Chicago

10. Peking University

11. Johns Hopking University

12. University of Pennsylvania

13. Columbia University

14. University of California, Los Angeles

15. National University of Singapore

16. UNiversity of Toronto

17. University of Michigan-Ann arbor

18. Carnegie Mellon University

19. University of Washington

20. Duke UNiversity

21. New York University

22. Northwestern University

23. The University of Tokyo

24. University of Washington

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