Study Abroad- Number of Indian students in Ireland grew tenfold in 10 years.

The study in Ireland roadshow is Expected to draw more students for 2024. Ireland offers a two-year post-study visa, study abroad scholarships.

Ireland has received 7000 Indian students in 2023. This is ten times the figure a decade ago. In 2013, just 700 Indian students had gone to study in Ireland.

What are you offering to Indian students? Are you focusing on specific disciplines?

Once the Indian students graduate in Ireland, they are given a two-year stay-back visa. These two years allow them to remain in Ireland to find job opportunities. The career opportunities are very strong, especially in the technical field and engineering. We look for students for various types of computing courses and software engineering, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity and they would have good post-study career options. There are over a thousand multinational companies that are based in Ireland. Ireland well-connected. So, starting a career in Ireland can take a student globally as well.

Why do you want more Indian Students?

It is the Experience of the Irish higher education institutions which shows that Indian students do very well in Ireland. They come well-prepared and already done the homework and research. also, many of them have a couple of years of professional experience already. they do exceptionally well. 

Which programmes do most Indian students go for?

They would fall into three categories - business, science and engineering - but the largest number of students opt for big data. around 90 percent of Indian student come to Ireland to study postgraduate programmes and only 10 percent to study undergraduate programmes. as a national priority, we are now trying to offer programmes in humanities and social sciences, design and hospitality, so, apart from big data, we want students in other areas like hotel management and hospitality and many more. Ireland has a wide variety of programmes for Idian Students.

What is the duration of the undergraduate programme you are offering?

Most of the undergraduate programmes are for four years, only some are for three years. when students are admitted for the four year undergraduate programme, three years they study on campus and in the fourth year, they have to go for study abroad or for an internship or a work placement. we want more students joining the undergraduate programme and the number is growing now.

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